Providing Educational Awareness, Services, and Resources for Sarcoidosis Survivors

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National Sarcoidosis Society Our Logo is dedicated to the memory of the late NBC-5 Sportcaster Darrian Chapman by his wife Debby Chapman, in the year of our lord January 2004. This logo was created to reflect the mission of the Society- support, education, awareness and advocacy. The deep purple color is symbolic of trust, reliability and peace. Its circular shape represents the cyclical nature of the disease, but more importantly, the circle of support and infinite caring the members of the society extend to those directly and indirectly affected by Sarcoidosis. The hand symbiolizes the society reaching out to those affected by Sarcoidosis and the heart represents the love those individauls receive as a result of being involved with NATIONAL SARCOIDOSIS SOCIETY, (NSS)

Glenda FultonAbout the National Sarcoidosis Society
National Sarcoidosis Society was established by Ms Glenda Fulton, a 33 year old survivor of the disease known as Sarcoidosis, in 1995 because a lack of educational awareness information on this disease.We provide services, educational awareness, advocacy, referals and research initiatives.